how to choose Children's room painting?


Paint selection of non-toxic air to circulation decoration children's room, the most basic thing is ventilation. Establish an appropriate air circulation alternation mechanism to keep ventilation in the room to ensure smooth breathing and fresh air. The choice of wall paint, we must remember not to petty cheap, remember to select a good quality and reputable brand, and to ensure one hundred percent odorless, raw materials are environmentally friendly products that will be harmful to heavy metals, formaldehyde or benzene odor isolation in life Outside the space.

2, Children love drawing walls to be resistant to small children energetic, like to touch the East touch the West, graffiti everywhere. Therefore, paint the wall paint, you should choose easy to clean and will not fall off the powdered products, to prevent children from touching through the mouth into the body, hazardous to health. In addition, the paint is not easy to attach dirt and dust, and can withstand scrubbing for a long time. Especially the wall, once the best stains sticky stains can easily clean, and can retain the original bright colors. To meet the child's motivation, but also care for their healthy growth.

3, the wall is not mildew wet nor afraid If the living area of the lack of sunshine, wet and rainy, the choice of the paint should also be moisture-proof mildew, easy to nourish the mold. The wall can be adjusted moisture, mold can not be attached to hyperplasia, over time the wall will not be ugly and health hazards of mold blocks to ensure that home environmental comfort, children's activities more health and safety of space.

4, beautiful and safe furniture wood brush paint In addition to the wall, the children's room wooden furniture is best to brush on a layer of wood paint coating. Sometimes because of improper use of children, wooden furniture surface paint fade damage, always feel lost and a pity, buy and waste. Choose a special water-based wood paint coating can easily solve the child exposed to the toxic substances in trouble. More importantly, furniture, a layer of protective film on the brush, to withstand the damage caused by improper friction, furniture, as new, and the paint is not easy to peel off to prevent children eating after eating accidental conditions, adults can be more peace of mind. In the purchase of children's coatings, remember not to be cheap, before buying look at the brand and business qualifications, look at the product environmental test report. Finally, in the process of using the paint as much as possible to make the smell faster. After the proposed renovation is completed, it is best to live in a month or two, usually pay attention to multi-ventilation, dissipate indoor taste.



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