Beach chair what material beach chair material introduction

Many people are among the impression that the beach chair is exclusive of the beach, it is not true, now many families inside the small courtyard there have been beach chairs, then, what are the beach chair material? How do we choose? Follow the province a lot of decoration network Xiaobian to see it, hope to help to everyone.

1, wooden beach chair

Wooden beach chair is the most common kind of beach chair, in Sanya resort, five-star hotel have used. Wooden beach chairs are made of wood raw materials and processed, solid wood raw materials through a special anti-corrosion treatment, to achieve anti-termite, anti-moth effect, and the wood after drying treatment, not easily deformed, especially durable, To achieve the standard for outdoor use. In appearance, the wooden beach chair more quality, coupled with small wooden table, landscape umbrella, very high-end atmosphere on the grade, but the quality of solid wood beach chair prices are more expensive, and the need for late conservation. Generally applicable to high-end hotels and resorts, if the economic conditions are good, you can also consider the wood.

2, plastic beach chair
Plastic beach chairs are generally made of polyethylene production and processing, compared to other beach chairs, its price is more affordable, and the appearance is also particularly stylish and elegant. Plastic plasticity can be processed into a different shape, and the color selection is rich, but the plastic beach chair is not resistant to corrosion, not wear, the use of relatively short birthday. Generally applicable to the exhibition, real estate lounge area, square, home can also be.

3, rattan beach chair
Rattan beach chair is also very common, it is generally combined with the Iron show romantic aesthetic effect. Its stent is generally made of thick iron pipe and cast iron drawing frame, and the bearing surface is to use the simulation of rattan, lying on the top will feel very cool and comfortable. But this beach chair is not very convenient to carry. Generally applicable to villas, courtyards.

4, canvas beach chair
Canvas beach chair is a lot of young "ALICE" heart love, it has a light expression and stylish appearance. Can be flexible folding, so it is very convenient to carry, the other canvas beach chairs have a variety of colors can choose, people can according to their own preferences to set. Generally applicable to outdoor camping, rallies, exhibitions, living room seats and so on.



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